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Initial User Interview

On Wednesday June 17th, we had a phone interivew with Martha Ogilvie, PhD (Director, Intellectual Property Management, Office of Technology Development, University of Oklahoma Health Science Center).

She actually reviewed our Trello board and stories.

She confirmed:

  • An ability to compare the adverse effects of two (potentially hypothetical) regimes is very valuable.
  • Geriatric management, including the ability to maintain and share securely, drug regimes, is very valuable.
  • She questions the value of the data if not normalized (Owen has researched partial normalization with AHQR data).
  • She believes any tool that saves time for busy doctors is very likely to help underserved areas.
  • She believes seeing the adverse events is a valuable starting point, but that doctors will not follow it blindly.
  • Doctors want to be able to play with drug regimes.
  • Interacting with Medicare and Medicaid supported medicines could be very valuable.
  • She validated our hypothesis that clear visualization of drug effect data would be a leading factor in our tool's effectiveness, especially when considering the general public's adoption of the tool.