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Second Interview with Dr. Martha Ogilvie


Linked here on the CivicActions Youtube channel:


Martha helped us understand the difference between two personae:

  • Caregiver persona: wants to understand all adverse event possiblities
  • Consumer persona: tends to be focused on specific symptoms which they are experiencing.

If the first is worth $100, Martha believed the second is worth $60.

So as a baseline we define show all adverse events for a drug regime as the "Caregiver" app and say it is worth $100.

When then considered changing the vertical scale of the planned chart from "absolute events" to "events per usage", Martha said that would make the Caregiver app worth $200.

Martha clearly stated that for Caregivers the tablet device is most common, and then perhaps the phone after that, and we agreed to follow that priority.

We then asked Martha what she would most like to see and she said:

  • A warning or alert that would occur automatically when two drugs or two drug claseses which are known to interact poorly are both selected. (We do not know how to implement this at present and we believe it may be hard to do.)
  • "Drill down", which basically means show the contribution of each drug to the possiblity of an adverse event in a safe way. (We believe this will be easy and Ron has started desiging it already.)

Of the two, she said a warning for bad subscriptions is more valuable.