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Census Extract

The scripts in this python module will upload an Ambry bundle for a release of the Amberican Community Survey to a directory or S3 bucket as CSV files, with one file per summary level per table. The file will also include columns for the non-null values from the geofile. To run these scripts, you must first install Ambry. and configure it with the ACS bundle remote, and a remote for the CSV files to be written to. However, most users should just use the CSV files that are already written to a public S3 bucket.

Using The Public S3 Files

The easiest way to explore the file collection is through the bucket explorer, which is avilable at the URL:

The URL structure for files is:


The path components are:

  • year. The year of the ACS release
  • release_span. The release span in years, 5, 3 or 1 for releases prior to 2014, 5 or 1 after.
  • summary_level. A name that combines the summary level number with a short name. See the next section for possible values.
  • table. The name of the table.

Additionally, every summary level has a CSV file for a data dictionary, at <table>-schema.csv

Summary Level Path Component

1 Year Release Summary Level Names

Summary Level Path Component Description
40 40_state State
50 50_county County
60 60_cosub County Subdivision
160 160_place Place
230 230_state_anrc State-Alaska Native Regional Corporation
310 310_cbsa CBSA
312 312_cbsa_state_place CBSA-State-Principal City
330 330_csa Combined Statistical Area
352 352_necta_state_place New England City and Town Area-State-Principal City
400 400_ua Urban Area,
500 500_cdcurr Congressional District
795 795_state_puma5 State-Public Use MicroSample Area 5%
950 950_sdelm State-Elementary School District
960 960_sdsec State-High School District
970 970_sduni State-Unified School District

Running the Scripts

To run these scripts, you must:

  1. Install Ambry <>
  2. Add a remote for the census bundles
  3. Sync the census bundles
  4. Create a remote to write the CSV files to
  5. Install the census-extract python package
  6. Run the census-extract program

Install Ambry

The Ambry installation guide has details for many platforms, but if you are writing to S3, you'll probably want to create a new Amazon S3 instance. In that case, create a new Ubuntu 14.04 instance, and then you can run this:

$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install -y curl && \
sudo bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Add Census Remote

After installing Ambry, you should be able to run ambry info to get the configuration information. The line for 'Config:' shows the location of your configuration file, and in the same directory, you can create a configuration for remotes, which holds information about

        service: http

Then run ambry info to cause the remotes to be reloaded. You should see 'census' in the 'remotes' section.

Sync Census Bundles

To sync the census bundles, run ambry sync census. It should run for a few minutes, and when it is done, ambry list should show census bundles.

$ ambry list

vid      vname                                       dstate        bstate  about.title
-------  ------------------------------------------  ----------  --------  --------------------------------------
d04w002           checkedout            American Community Survey Geofile 2009
d057001           checkedout            American Community Survey Geofile 2013
d04S002           checkedout            American Community Survey Geofile 2014
d052002               checkedout            2014 1 Year ACS
d04T001               checkedout            2014 5 Year ACS
d04s002  checkedout            ACS Geofile Schema Definitions
d04s003  checkedout            ACS Geofile Schema Definitions

Hopefully, the bundles for the ACS years you want are in the list. For each year, you will also need the associated geofile bundle.

Create remote for Destination

Finally, you should create a remote entrry for the destination of the CSV file. This could either be a local file system, or an S3 bucket.

Add one or both of these two inner blocks to your remotes.yaml file.

        service: fs
        url: /Volumes/DataLibrary/cache/census
        service: fs

So your final :file:remotes.yaml might look like this, if you add both:

        service: http
        service: fs
        url: /tmp/census
        service: s3
        access: <your access key>
        secret: <your secret key>
        url: s3://

Then, run :command:ambry info to re-load the remotes.

Install census-extract

pip install git+

Run The Census-extract program

First, list the ambry bundles with ambry list to get the reference name to an ACS bundle. The bundle should have a name like Then, run the census-extract program with the name.

Run census-extract run -h for command options.

census-extract run -r census-dest-s3 -e -m