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Makefile Readme

What does this do?

It gets the file from the SD Open Data Portal and transforms the csv file to a json file, grouped by plant and date and aggregates the parameters for each plant.

Specifics in the jq string

import "./keys" as $$P; import the mapping keys group_by(.filtration_plant) Group by plant group_by(.sample_date) Group by date map({(.parameter): .result_value map each entry as a value of parameter name (the actual name) and the other varaibles plant and date ($$P::P[0][(.parameter)] replace the name of the parameter with the name of the keys.json (short names for later usage in app) .result_value | gsub("([^\\d\\.])";"") replace each non digit or dot with empty strings, remove all other characters esentially (whitespace and <> characters) | add add these mapped items into one object for each plant and date combination