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fast and dirty msp430 disassembler for instruction traces
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quick and dirty msp430 disassembler, specifically geared towards instruction trace output from msp430-emu-uctf

Written because I wanted something lightweight and self contained. The other project I found unfortunantely decodes certain instructions incorrectly. also doesn't convert certain instructions to their easier-to-read emulated form e.g: mov #0, r3 -> nop, which helps when skimming through output.

./ -h for usage instructions. takes input via binary file or via stdin:

$ echo '0e4c 0d40 3d50 0c00' | ./ -x -
      0: 0E4C           mov    R12, R14
      1: 0D40           mov    PC, R13
      2: 3D50 0C00      add    #0xc, R13
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