WPF C# Timer with sound by C.R.Games
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WPF Timer with sound by C.R.Games cla.radu@crgames.elementfx.com


Please read the license file to know the conditions in which you can use and/or modify this project.


This app was created using VS .Net 2010. The 1.2+ version of the source code is available. It uses Wpf for front-end (UI) and C# for back-end. In order for the sound to work the program needs a file located in "C:\Windows\Media", called "chord.wav", if that file is not found, the sound will be disabled. It also uses, 24 (0-23) hour format so anyone who wants to test/try this source code may want to take that into account. 'Source' folder contains the working source code.


Thanks to Microsoft because the are a lot of usefull resources and tutorials on .Net, C# and Wpf on msdn.microsoft.com.

Project full name: 'Wpf timer with sound' Official name: 'CRGTimer' Version: 1.2.0 http://crgames.elementfx.com

C.R.G. 2018