Java + Jogl Implementation by C.R.G.
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Java + Jogl Implementation by C.R.Games


Please read the license file to know the conditions in which you can use and/or modify this project.


This app was created using Eclipse Oxygen.2. The 1.11+ version of the source code is available. The purpose of this program is to demonstrate how the Jogl framework can be use with Eclipse, while also showing how to create a basic OpenGl cube from multiple faces, then multiplying it to form a 15 elements (5*3) wall and displaying everything in a OpenGl window, along with text. 'joglcubes' and 'joglcubes/objs' folders contain the source code.

Setting up project

First, you'll need to download all libraries you'll need. So go to: "", and under "Builds / Downloads", from "Current" select "zip" Or just go to: "" and download "jogamp-all-platforms.7z"

Configuring project under Eclipse: Select 'File' -> 'New' -> 'Java Project'. Link the new project with the libraries you've just downloaded by right-clicking your project and selecting 'Link Path' -> 'Add libraries'. From the poup window select 'User library' and click 'Next'. Next, select 'User Libraries' from the right side of the popup window, then 'New'. Another popup window appears to prompt you to select the library's name, I wrote there 'jogl-2.3.2' because that's the version I've used. Now, select 'Add External JARs' and from "jogamp-all-platforms/jar/" and add "jogl-all.jar and "gluegen-rt.jar", then click 'Apply and Close'. In the 'Add Library' window select your newly created library (jogl-2.3.2 for me) and click 'Finish'. Now, add the .java file to your project, or copy the source code and make the appropriate changes if you've allready created a java file. In order to run correctly the precompiled jar file will need "gluegen-rt.dll", "jogl_desktop.dll", "nativewindow_awt.dll" and "nativewindow_win32.dll", all found in the "jogamp-all-platforms\lib" folder. For me it was: "jogl/jogamp-all-platforms/lib/windows-i586/" (on windows 32 bit).


Thanks to NeHe ( ) for all the OpenGl tutorials and resources, both for C and Java.

Project full name: 'Java+Jogl Cubes' Official name: 'Primitive(s) Wall by C.R.G.' Version: 1.11.0

C.R.G. 2018