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A Textpattern plugin to manage backend connections from frontend and protect content from non-logged users
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This client-side plugin lets your users (or you) manage backend connection from frontend, i.e. connect and disconnect as they (you) would do from backend.
You can thus make things visible and open actions for connected users only.

A few examples (in french) can be found in the demonstration page.


  • automatically generate a login/logout box…
  • … or independent login or logout forms and links
  • choose if th user must connect with his/her username, or email address, or one of both
  • show/hide content depending on whether a user is connected or not (see protect parts of a page)
  • set automatic redirections after login and/or logout
  • optional: define your own default values for login/logout invites and button/link labels, define login method
  • override these values anywhere in the page if you need to
  • also provides additional tags to ease scripter’s life
  • and hooks for callback functions primarily in order to reset or change user’s password


See CONTRIBUTING for details.

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