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C3-Java_Client's strategic simulation of the Star systems of BattleTech

W-7 Facility / Research, Software Development Tranquil (Mobile Division)

W-7 is the production facility of Clan Wolf. The home base is Tranquil, but there are several mobile departments. In the development department there is a small group of developers and designers busy to field new software products for battlefield commanders as well as for strategic dimensions of the clans operations. The department is led by an experienced Star Colonel who fell out of active duty due to a wound he suffered during the battle on Tukkayid. His name and dossier are classified, get in contact through regular chain of command.

One of the products used to control the production and the transport of front-line troops is C3. C3 stands for "Communication - Command - Control". Because there is a field based system to control the communication and data transfer of Mechs, this system is often refered to as "Big C3", however, the official name is "W-7 C3 / MkIII 'Damien'".

W-7 Facility Central Office, Tranquil.

(see Wolfnet for up-to-date information)

C3-Java Client uses JxBrowser, which is a proprietary software. The use of JxBrowser is governed by JxBrowser Product Licence Agreement If you would like to use JxBrowser in your development, please contact TeamDev.