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This is a multi platform music player.
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This is gMusic. Its my personal project that is available on the AppStore

iOS AppStore


The primary goal of gMusic is to provide the best Music Player for Google Play Music on iOS.

Over time I have diverged from this goal, and started adding support for additional streaming services and platforms.

Right now, the iOS app is curretnly deployed on the app store. The Android and Mac versions are incomplete but play music.

Future Plans:


  • Bring over SmartEq, equalizer code

iOS Build status

  • Add multiple Logins for differnt API's
  • Add Login-Free experience for iPod Playback


  • Lots of things to bring it to feature parity with iOS
  • Right now it basically just plays music when you tap on a song


  • Right now it plays music and Radio Stations
  • Add right click menu
  • Fix some issues the Search


gMusic has a lot of dependancies. The best way to setup your environment is to call ./

It will clone the appropriate repos

Why Open source now?

gMusic has been an app I have always cared deeply about. It brings me so much joy trying and building new things. I figured it was time to share the code behind the app with the rest of the world.

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