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Claremont Humans vs. Zombies Site

This is the website for the Claremont College's biannual HvZ game.

Dev machine setup

Developing for the site will require Django, VirtualEnv, and Compass. If you are familiar with and have (or know how to get) all of these, feel free to skip this section.

First off, install pip using your favorite package manager. If you're developing on a Mac, I recommend installing/using homebrew as your package manager of choice. Then brew install python3 will install pip.

Using pip, you should have an easy time installing virtualenv:

pip3 install virtualenv

Secondly, you'll need to install Compass. You can do this with

sudo gem install compass

If you don't have RubyGems installed, get Compass installed using your favorite package manager or method.

Building the site

Now create a root directory for your site. Mine is ~/programming/

Note that I'm going to refer to ~/programming everywhere. If your root directory is in a different place, use your imagination and substitute accordingly.

Now build a virtualenv in the root directory, which for me was

virtualenv ~/programming/

Virtualenv provides a wrapper between your machine and the site. As long as the site only interacts with packages inside this wrapper, we know that we can port the site over to other machines without accidentally relying on some random laptop's quirks.

To actually use the virtualenv, you'll need to activate it:

source ~/programming/

This command only affects your current terminal, so you'll need to rerun it every time you want to work on the site. I highly recommend you add an alias to your .bashrc along the lines of

alias hvz="cd ~/programming/ && source bin/activate && cd hvz"

Clone your forked GitHub repo (you don't have to use the command line for this):

git clone

Now complete the build with


If all went well, that should be it!

Running a development version of the server

To run a development version of the server:

python runserver

You can then access the site by directing your browser to localhost:8000.