Starter project for using the Clarifai API from Android.
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Clarifai Android Starter

This is a simple project showing how to use the Clarifai API in Android. It uses the Clarifai Java Client to perform Concept recognition.

Building and Running

To set your environment up for Android development, you'll need to install the Java SE Development Kit (JDK) and Android Studio.

Replace YOUR_API_KEY_HERE with your Clarifai API Key in strings.xml.

This project will compile in the standard manner through Android Studio or ./gradlew clean build in your terminal.

Where to look

RecognizeConceptsActivity contains most of the non-boilerplate code. In particular, RecognizeConceptsActivity.onImagePicked makes the API call to Clarifai.

You can also look at RecognizeConceptsAdapter.onBindViewHolder to see how we display the information that the API returns to the user.