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Clarify Audio Player

This is an audio player extension for the audio player. It provides any easy way to show Clarify search results in the scrubber of the player so you can jump right to the relevant words.

Sample Player

Demo Page

This demo includes a basic search page with the audio player. It uses the Clarify PHP library, available here:

To use this:

  • Download this package from Github;
  • Rename credentials-dist.php to credentials.php and add your API key;
  • Run composer install to get the required PHP library;
  • Load this folder in your favorite browser, the URL will be something like: http://localhost/clarify-audio-player/
  • Fill in your search terms and hit submit;
  • If you need audio, load what you need from here:

Note: If there are no search results, the player does not display. We should improve that.

More quickstarts are available here: