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Chapter 3 - Commit Conventions

We encourage a commit convention style utilized by the Linux kernel. Unlike semantic commit messages, we only focus on the scope and summary of the change instead of formatting it with the commit type, scope and summary.

The Format

Our format is as follows

Basic layout

[game/HitWindow] Fix windows not accounting for the input lag
   ^             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
   |                                    |
   |                                    |
 Scope                               Summary

Example Message:

[game/HitWindow] Fix windows not accounting for input lag

* Window was only accounting on hit presses but not really
* tracking how accurate it was. We should use input lag for
* this

Closes GH-1929
  • Scope determines the part of the codebase that was changed. Regardless if its one-file changes, it should count as a whole scope.

  • Summmary is a detailed but short description of the change, which should be continued if needed on additional lines.

Allowed Scopes

Scope of the change should be the area of a code or a subsystem. Say if you're editing from game/Sample, your scope is game/Sample and not game/Sample/ or

In the event the change list is not granular enough, you can use the name of the project itself as a scope. In the case of multiple edited entities, you can also use both subsystems, as stated:

[game/Hitwindow + ci] change HitWindows

Special Scopes

In some cases a part you edited does not qualify inside a subsystem, you can use these reserved scopes:

  • ci is for CI/CD scripts
  • doc is for documentation

This allows you to still define proper scopesfor your project if changes do not qualify to what was stated in this guideline.

Allowed Summary format

Summaries should explain the commit in detail as stated previously, however, committer must detail what kind of change they have to perform, examples may be:

  • [game/Subsystem/OpenGL] refactor declaration Foo -> FooBar

  • [game/Window] Fix openGL context not being drawn correctly to window

What we don't encourage is

  • [game/XY] Update file
  • [game/XY] delete unnnecessary JSON file

As they don't explain what was edited, although scope was proper. This does not tell immediately what was changed.

Skipping CI

CIs are designed to parse "skip CI" in commit messages to skip checks. We allow putting this keyword on your commit messages in any form as long as the CI can acknowledge it.


$ [.ci] [SKIP CI] Commit Message here
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