Run shadow clones of your system parallely with Docker
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Run shadow clones of your system parallely with Docker



  • Linux kernel with OverlayFS support
  • Docker
  • Bash
  • Git (Only for installation)
  • Vim (Or other editor $EDITOR sets to)
  • Tar (For saving and loading shadow env)


curl -L | sh


sudo shadow [ARGS...] [CMD...]


Arguments Description Default
-h, --help Show help message N/A
-v, --version Show version of Shadow N/A
-C, --clean Clear shadow env in current directory N/A
-s, --start Start shadow env from Shadowfile N/A
-g, --generate Generate a Shadowfile N/A
-S, --save Save current shadow env to a tarball N/A
-L, --load Load shadow env from a tarball N/A
-U, --upgrade Upgrade shadow to it's latest version N/A
-q, --quiet, QUIET Set to disable all shadow logs (not set)
-k, --keep, KEEP_SHADOW_ENV Set to keep the shadow environment (not set)
-u, --user, START_USER Start as given username or uid 0 (root)
-w, --work-dir, WORK_DIR Working directory (pwd)
-i, --ignore, IGNORE_LIST Paths not to be mounted into a container dev proc sys
-c, --clear, CLEAR_LIST Paths to clear before container starts /mnt /run /var/run
-f, --file, SHADOW_FILE Filename of the shadowfile Shadowfile
-I, --img, SHADOW_IMG Name of the image to be used as base shadow
-p, --perfix, SHADOW_PERFIX Perfix of the shadow container SHADOW-
-d, --shadow-dir, SHADOW_DIR Directory where all shadow env file saves .shadow


This enters a shadow shell

sudo shadow

This enters a shadow bash shell

sudo shadow bash

This starts python in a shadow environment

sudo shadow python

This starts the shadow system from beginning (may cause tty conflict)

sudo shadow -w / /sbin/init

Run some dangerous commands without actually hurting your system

sudo shadow rm -rf / --no-preserve-root

Keep environment after container detached

sudo shadow --keep [CMD...]

Generate a Shadowfile

shadow [ARGS...] -g

Start shadow from Shadowfile

sudo shadow [ARGS...] -s

Start shadow from myShadowfile

sudo shadow [ARGS...] -f myShadowfile -s

Save a shadow env

shadow -S shadowenv.tar

Save a shadow env with gzip

shadow -S | gzip -9 > shadowenv.tar.gz

Load a shadow env from a tarball to the current directory

shadow -L shadowenv.tar.gz

Load a shadow env from a tarball to another directory

shadow -L shadowenv.tar.gz /another/directory