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ClassicPress Research

Plugins and projects that MAY be considered for official recommendation or included into @ClassicPress core when they are finished. EXPERIMENTAL, NO GUARANTEES!

Popular repositories

  1. ClassicPress EXPERIMENTAL plugin: Elementor free version, intended for compatibility with ClassicPress.

    PHP 8 2

  2. ClassicPress EXPERIMENTAL plugin: API for custom fields

    PHP 4

  3. ClassicPress theme bundled with the core.

    4 1

  4. ClassicPress EXPERIMENTAL theme: Fork of Storefront.

    PHP 3 1

  5. Classic Forms 8 enables you to create and manage multiple custom contact forms. It is a fork of CF7.

    PHP 3 1

  6. ClassicPress EXPERIMENTAL plugin: One-to-many and many-to-many relationships for post-to-post, post-to-user, post-to-taxonomy, post-to-term, user-to-user, user-to-taxonomy, etc.

    PHP 2


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