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Contributing to ClassicCommerce

There are many ways to contribute to the ClassicCommerce project!

  • Translating strings into your language.
  • Answering questions on GitHub ClassicCommerce Issues Page.
  • Submitting fixes, improvements and enhancements.

ClassicCommerce is still growing and your help making it even more awesome will be greatly appreciated :)

If you think something can be improved and you wish to contribute code, fork ClassicCommerce, commit your changes, and send a pull request. We'll be happy to review your changes!

Feature Requests

Feature requests can be submitted to our issue tracker. Be sure to include a description of the expected behavior and use case, and before submitting a request, please search for similar ones in the closed issues.

Feature request issues will remain closed until we see sufficient interest via comments and 👍 reactions from the community.

You can see a list of current feature requests which require votes here.

Technical Support / Questions

We currently offer technical support on GitHub so we recommend using the following:

Technical support, General usage and development questions If you have a problem, you may want to write an issue to the ClassicCommerce GitHub Repo:

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