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Include explicit mention of PHP 5.2 requirements

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JPry committed Jun 8, 2018
1 parent 2a1ed2c commit 2346183501699affd945e7bd1bc2f43701d7d993
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- Install our pre-commit hook using composer. It'll help with the Coding Standards. To install run `composer install` from the command line within the woocommerce plugin directory.
- Ensure you use LF line endings in your code editor. Use [EditorConfig]( if your editor supports it so that indentation, line endings and other settings are auto configured.
- When committing, reference your issue number (#1234) and include a note about the fix.
- Ensure that your code is compatible with PHP 5.2+.
- Push the changes to your fork and submit a pull request on the master branch of the WooCommerce repository. Existing maintenance branches will be maintained by WooCommerce developers.

Please **don't** modify the changelog or update the .pot files. These will be maintained by the WooCommerce team.

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