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Retry e2e tests automatically in case of failure

Tests should be consistent. That is true for our unit tests suite, but it is something that is harded to achieve for functional tests. Our end to end tests often times fail due to factors outside of our control, and simply manually restarting the Travis build is enough to make them pass (example: woocommerce/woocommerce#21150 (comment)). This commits uses `travis_retry` to make Travis automatically retry a maximum of three times to run WC e2e tests in case of a failure.
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rodrigoprimo committed Aug 23, 2018
1 parent d5e229f commit 67b5b270f355ed91dac100a028cc8d36b5f6da6e
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@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ before_script:
- bash tests/bin/
- bash tests/bin/
- bash tests/bin/
- travis_retry bash tests/bin/

- bash tests/bin/ after

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