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Upgrade JSON generator

The Python script in this folder generates the upgrade JSON blobs that ClassicPress uses to determine upgrade paths.


The script runs on Python 2.7 and uses a virtualenv to isolate its dependencies from the rest of the system.

Assuming that your system's default Python version is 2.7 or higher (but not 3.x as the script is untested there), here is how to set up the development environment:

cd v1-upgrade-generator/
virtualenv .
. bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

The script relies on a couple of git repositories being in place:

cd v1-upgrade-generator/
git clone ClassicPress-nightly
git clone ClassicPress-release

Once the above setup is done, you can run the script as follows:


The resulting files will be placed in the v1/upgrade/ folder in the root of this repository.

See also in this folder, which will fetch from the ClassicPress git repositories and then run the Python script.

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