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  • Promoted v0.2.6 to v1.0.0 as basic functionaltiy is complete and functional.


  • Updated list of UIAppearance-setters in tests
  • Fixed misnamed @param name in code docs
  • Support for iOS 10 font weights
  • Reduced warnings caused by missing void in method input declaration


  • Styling per window
  • Caching to binary plist
  • Load on demand
  • System font support


  • Fixed memory leak
  • Added ability to inject variables into stylesheets
  • Added various UIKit properties. Thanks awesome contributors


  • Live reload, ensure imported stylesheet files are not watched more than once.
  • Subtract less precedence points for subclass matching issue #30


  • Call cas_updateStyling on live reload
  • Added support for [UIButton setImage:forState:] (skeeet)
  • Only wrap variable values in brackets if variable has more than one value


  • Fixed crash when using media queries issue #24
  • Added UILabel textAlignment
  • Fixed error with style selector nesting
  • Removed delay in style updates in didMoveToWindow


  • Added @media/@device queries
UIView.widget {
  /* default background color */
  background-color red
  /* background color on iPads running iOS7 and above */
  @media ipad and (version:>=7) {
    background-color blue
  • Added support for images from documents/caches folder as well as from bundle. (flippinjoe21)
  • Fixed Scrolling delaying the update of styling. Fixes issue #16
  • Fixed style selector subclass matching with styleClass. Fixes issue #18


  • Added ability to seperate stylesheets into multiple files and @import them
@import "variables.cas"

UITableView UILabel {
  text-color $mainColor


  • Added ability to use rgb, rgba, hsl and hsla colors (avalanched)
  background-color  rgb(200, 100, 150)
  text-color        rgba(200, 100, 150, 0.5)
  layer @{
    border-color    hsl(200, 60%, 100%)
    shadow-color    hsla(200, 60%, 100%, 0.2)


  • Added ability to specify UIViewController class/subclass in style selector hierarchy. eg
MYHomeViewController > UIButton.main { 
  background-color black