C# port of AuctionSniper sample from #goos "Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests" [Freeman/Pryce]
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README.txt for REVISED GOOS sample code 

David Gadd
Email: gaddzeit@yahoo.ca

UPDATE January 24, 2010

This version of the sample code from #goos was revised as follows:
a) Closer adherence to the Java GOOS sample code by replacing view interface mock with AuctionSniper.Fakes.WinFormLicker, which launches a WinForm in a separate thread and verifies control settings via AuctionSniperDriver. 
b) Switched to Visual Studio 2008 and NUnit for better Resharper integration.

As before, this project uses:
* Resharper 4.5
* Rhino Mocks version (assume this reference will be broken; you will need to re-reference to a local copy)

This version is complete as of the end of Chapter 14, with all acceptance and unit tests passing.

While I used OpenServer for the Java version, for this version I created a fake XMPP server (all method calls are similar/identical).

Other than that, I am using the more commonly-used conventions in C# than in Java of:
* prefixing interface names with capital I
* underscore prefixing instance variables

If you have any questions feel free to tweet or email me.

David Gadd