2nd Assignment of Web Accessibility Lecture
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Web Accessibility Assignment 02

In this exercise you need to create a Rich Internet Application using GWT that considers the accessibility issues.

The application should include the followings:

  -The main page should contain a simple form with two fields for name and age.
   Each text field should have a label that is connected to relevant field in a proper way.

  -The name field should contain two words (for first name and last name), each of which is at least three characters long.

  -The age should be between 1 and 99

  -For any input that is not meeting the above constraints, an error message should appear on the page (before submitting the form).
   The error messages should be instantly delivered to the user (assertive).

  -After submitting the form a short message (i.e. "Hi Max Muster, you are 26 years old!") will be created from submitted data and
   the result will be shown on a polite area on the main page.

  -The polite area in the previous step is embedded in another atomic entity that notifies the assistive technologies to read the
   complete message (i.e. returned message plus its surroundings which may look like this :
   "The submitted data is : Hi Max Muster, you are 26 years old! Thanks for your submission!"

This exercise can be done in groups of two students. You need to upload your exercise as a single ZIP file which contains a
README.txt file with name and student ID of group members. Just one submission per group would be enough then.