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Free Download Claymore Ethereum Miner 11.9 No Fee

Ethereum Claymore 11.9 No Fee - DevFee Removed

Executable is patched so you don't have to do anything, just start mining.

Once devfee mining is triggered it will mine to your address instead of developers. To make sure everything is working properly check the mining .txt logs for any "eth_submitLogin" where your address doesn't appear. If there are any then restart mining again and it should work properly. Otherwise contact me.

Download Claymore 11.9 Ethereum Miner No DevFee Below

Direct download link:

FAQ Why isnt this open source? Because Claymore developer can then check it out and patch the no fee in future releases. This way its going to work forever.

How will I know this is working?

Check mining logs for any "devfee" text or "eth_submitLogin" text. If it shows up, make a clean folder and extract ALL files of my Claymore miner there then try again! Does this work for future releases of Claymore ? No, I will manually update future Claymore releases.

I'm getting lower hashrate with your Claymore than original.

Run it for at least 24 hours so that pool statistics even out from downtime where You swapped to Claymore 11.3 No Fee

Tips ETH : 0xAdB754C550Db3082d95f7C844932a502a49Cf39c

Claymore 11.9

Claymore 11.9 Miner

Claymore 11.9 Ethereum Miner No Fee

Claymore 11.9 No Fee

Claymore No Fee 11.9

Claymore Miner Nvidia Ethereum 11.9

Claymore Miner Ethereum 11.9

Claymore Miner 11.9 Ethereum

Claymore No Fee Miner

DevFee Claymore Remove Remove DevFee Claymore

Free Download Claymore Ethereum Miner 11.9 No Fee

Claymore Ethereum Miner 11.9 NoFee

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