Format textarea inputs with regex patterns.
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TAP - Text Area Processor

Text highlighter and HTML formatter. Format textarea inputs with regex patterns.

alt tag


new tap(element, options);

Element paramenter expects textarea inputs only

Example Usage

// Instantiate TAP
var textArea = new tap(element, {

	patterns: [
			regex: ['(@\\w{1,15})', 'gi'], // RegExp [pattern, flag]
			element: 'span', // Wrapping Tag
			attributes: { // Element Attributes
				class: 'tap-username'
			regex: ['\\b(link)\\b', 'gi'],
			element: 'a',
			attributes: {
				class: 'tap-link',
				href: ''

To Do

  • Add Event Callbacks
  • Replace innerHTML Method w/ createElement()
  • Attach Event Listeners To TAP Generated Elements
  • Add Box Resizing w/ Overflow Options