macOS sheet to take a picture with iSight/a USB camera using AVFoundation & crop the result.
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Swift 3 Version License Platform Carthage compatible

Sheet to snap and crop images with your webcam or iSight camera.

Keyboard Interaction

When cropping is deactivated ...

  • ↩︎ (enter key) confirms image selection
  • ⎋ (escape key) aborts taking a picture

When the user is cropping ...

  • ↑↓→← (arrow keys) move the selection by 2pt
  • ⇧+↑↓→← (shift + arrow keys) moves the selection by 10pt
  • ↩︎ (enter key) replaces the original image with the selection (applies the crop) and ends cropping
  • ⎋ (escape) key aborts cropping

Code License

Copyright (c) 2017 Christian Tietze. Distributed under the MIT License.


SCSelectionBorder is copyright (c) 2011--2017 Vincent S. Wang. Distributed under the MIT License.

Crop Icon License

Iconic v1.9.0 License. To view Iconic's license, please go to