CleanTalk service API for C#
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CleanTalk service API for C#. It is invisible protection from spam, no captches, no puzzles, no animals and no math.

Actual API documentation

How does API stop spam?

API uses several simple tests to stop spammers.

  • Spam bots signatures.
  • Blacklists checks by Email, IP, web-sites domain names.
  • JavaScript availability.
  • Comment submit time.
  • Relevance test for the comment.

How does API works?

API sends a comment's text and several previous approved comments to the servers. Servers evaluates the relevance of the comment's text on the topic, tests on spam and finaly provides a solution - to publish or put on manual moderation of comments. If a comment is placed on manual moderation, the plugin adds to the text of a comment explaining the reason for the ban server publishing.


  • .Net Framawork 4.5

SPAM test for text comment sample

    public const string AuthKey = "auth key";

    public class CheckMessageTests
        private ICleartalk _cleantalk;

        public void NotSpamMessageTest()
            var req1 = new CleantalkRequest(AuthKey)
                Message = "This is great storm!",
                SenderInfo = new SenderInfo
                    Refferrer = "",
                    UserAgent = "Opera/9.80 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) Presto/2.12.388 Version/12.12"
                SenderIp = "",
                SenderEmail = "",
                SenderNickname = "Mike",
                IsJsEnable = 1,
                SubmitTime = 12

            Debug.WriteLine("req1=" + WebHelper.JsonSerialize(req1));
            var res1 = _cleantalk.CheckMessage(req1);
            Debug.WriteLine("res1=" + WebHelper.JsonSerialize(res1));
            Assert.AreEqual(0, res1.IsInactive);
            Assert.IsTrue(res1.IsAllow.With(x => x.Value));

API Response description

API returns response object:

  • allow (0|1) - allow to publish or not, in other words spam or ham
  • comment (string) - server comment for requests.
  • id (string MD5 HEX hash) - unique request idenifier.
  • errno (int) - error number. errno == 0 if requests successfull.
  • errtstr (string) - comment for error issue, errstr == null if requests successfull.