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ipm package: coap-adapter


coap-adapter connects to a CoAP URL and the ClearBlade Platform's MQTT Broker. Messages sent from the CoAP source URL are adapted into an MQTT message sent to a configured topic.

This is an ipm package, which contains one or more reusable assets within the ipm Community. The 'package.json' in this repo is a ipm spec's package.json, here, which is a superset of npm's package.json spec, here.

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The repo contains an Eclipse Project, with which to import and run this Java program.

1. Import

  1. Open Eclipse
  2. File >Import
  3. select Existing Maven Project and import the cb-coap project from your filesystem

2. Configure


  1. Enter your System Settings
  2. Enter User Credentials
  3. Set your CoAP URL


  1. Set CoAP URL to your source CoAP URL
  2. Run
  3. MQTT Messages are published by default on coap-test topic


This program does not take any runtime parameters.

Utilizes ClearBlade's Java SDK (src)