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Cleeng APIv3 Java SDK
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New sdk can be found at

Cleeng API v3 Java SDK

Example usage:

import com.cleeng.apiv3.CleengApi;
import com.cleeng.apiv3.domain.*;


CleengApi cleengApi = new CleengApi();
cleengApi.enableSandbox(); // remove this line when going live

// you should retrieve the customerToken & offerId from the HTTP request
String customerToken = "JS-82A_mtlZlJMuuJHvkhnFo_4F1xHRcbqllOzdIO59m-adg";
String offerId = "P765685881_NL";

boolean isgranted = cleengApi.isAccessGranted(customerToken, offerId);
if(isgranted) {
	System.out.println("Access granted");
} else {
	System.out.println("Access denied");

See src/ for a minimal working example.

See for details on the Cleeng API.

All functions in the API documentation have been implemented as methods on CleengApi objects.

Additionally, the following functions have been added as shortcuts to calling getAccessStatus():

  • boolean isAccessGranted(String customerToken, String offerId)
  • boolean isAccessGranted(String customerToken, String offerId, String ipAddress)

Instead of duplicating all class & type information once more in this file, please refer to the file src/main/java/com/cleeng/apiv3/ for the method signatures, and to src/main/java/com/cleeng/apiv3/domain/*.java for the classes used for parameters and return values. The names map directly to the documentation available at

Note that most error conditions raise exceptions which have to be handled properly by you, the programmer.

The classes in src/main/java/com/cleeng/apiv3/domain/ do not have explicit constructors. The classes that you will instantiate yourself have many optional fields. For example SingleOfferData as parameter offerData to method createSingleOffer(). To use, first instantiate an empty object, then set all the fields you want to use in the API call.

Compiling the SDK

The Cleeng Java SDK uses jsonrpc4 to communicate with the JSON-RPC API. To build this SDK, you need Maven. Run mvn clean install to do a clean build, including fetching dependencies.

This will create a file named cleeng-java-sdk-apiv3-1.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar (maybe with a higher version number than 1.0) somewhere in your Maven install directory ($HOME/.m2/ for example).

You can compile the example program as follows (from the src/ directory):

javac -cp path/to/cleeng-java-sdk-apiv3-1.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar

And run it (again from src/):

java -cp path/to/cleeng-java-sdk-apiv3-1.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar:. CleengApiExample
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