Go library for the Clever API
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clever-go is a Go library for the Clever API.




import "gopkg.in/Clever/clever-go.v2"

Releasing a new version

clever-go is versioned with gopkg.in. To release a new version of the library, you should increment the version in the VERSION file according to the semver spec and create a tag with the corresponding version.

You can use gitsem to accomplish this all with one command. For example, to release a new minor version, you can just run gitsem minor && git push && git push --tag from the repository.


clever-go is built and tested against Go 1.5. Ensure this is the version of Go you're running with go version. Make sure your GOPATH is set, e.g. export GOPATH=~/go. Clone the repository to a location outside your GOPATH, and symlink it to $GOPATH/src/github.com/Clever/clever-go. Since some dependencies are Mercurial repositories, ensure that you have Mercurial installed. The godoc command line tool can be used to generate documentation from comments in source. This is useful for enforcing good commenting practices and ensures a standard, readable format for the resulting documentation. If godoc is not already installed, instructions to install can be found here. If you have done all of the above, then you should be able to run