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Warp10 Macaroons auth plugin

This plugin adds macaroons support to warp10. Instead of using Read or Write tokens crafted with Worf, it allows you to directly use macaroons.


TODO (Waiting for the warp10 plugin model to be released). But shortly, compile this project with gradle shadowjar, put the jar on the warp10 classpath, and add the plugin: warp10.plugins = com.clevercloud.warp10.plugins.macaroons.MacaroonsPlugin There is a eay way to test your macaroon with the warpScript AUTHINFO keywork, but it's not made to do WRITE&READ token, as mention here

Macaroon format

    location TODO
    identifier TODO

    # How to:
    # What is the macaroon -> token translation (how it react on sub-macaroon)

    # Token expiration (date can only be more recent on next macaroon)
    cid time < 2020-01-01T00:00

    # Token access read and/or write (you can only remove access)
    cid access = READ, WRITE

    # Labels (you can only add new labels, unable to change value)
    cid label = labelkey1=labelvalue1
    cid label = labelkey2=labelvalue2
    cid label = labelkey3=labelvalue3

    # Attributes (you can only add new attributes, unable to change value)
    cid attr = attributekey1=attributevalue1
    cid attr = attributekey2=attributevalue2
    cid attr = attributekey3=attributevalue3

    # Write token only, App Name (cannot be set a second time, only once)
    appname = ljksjksdqhkl

    # Read token only, Apps id (String array, values can disappear but not be added)
    apps = app1, app2, app3

    # Read Token Producers (String array, values can disappear but not be added)
    producers = prod1, prod2, prod3

    # Write Token Producer (String, can't be changed)
    producer = prod1

    # Read Token Owners (String array, values can disappear but not be added)
    owners = owner1, owner2, owner3

    # Write Token Owner (String, can't be changed)
    owner = ownerA

    # Read Token, billed ID (String, can't be changed)
    billedid = myBillingId

    signature 3f1fd7d14bf9b902f69fdaa0c98879c0bb1b174e70b572527aefea524c33b352

This plugin do not use macaroon identifier and location, because nothing to map easily to a warp10 token. You can use it on your management.

Plugin configuration

Configuration keys for the plugin is to add to the warp10.conf file. All options are listed and described in the src/main/java/com/clevercloud/warp10/plugins/macaroons/ file

plugins.macaroons.secret = test secret key

Current options include secret, token prefix filter, caveat prefix and auto validation caveat management.