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When you need to test your application with realistic data and check the main business processes before publishing to end-users, it is often necessary to anonymize user data and use it during the whole development and testing processes.

Data depersonalizing is the replacement of existing sensitive information in test or development data with programmatically generated information. Users of test, development, or training databases do not need to see the actual information as long as what they have appears real and consistent.

The introduced version 2.0 implements the updated user interface that allows you to flexibly set up the data replacers chain, define the replacing rules, save the configured replacers to the profile files, and much more.

How to set up the data replacement rules and make test data from real customer data:

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The program implements a simple replacement algorithm that can depersonalize both structured and non-structured data, including text, HTML, XML, E-mail messages, and SQL scripts.

In this version 1.1 we have added the MIME E-mail messages processing, including the file attachments; implemented the custom regular expressions for replacing the sensitive data; changed and improved the user interface.

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Depersonalizing of the name:value pairs, custom regex patterns for th…

…e sensitive data replacement.
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