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Fix monsters' special attack description not translated

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BrettDong committed Jan 5, 2019
1 parent ebc77e3 commit a24dfbd1984d04ae1f6dc530e236ce5b87925784
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@@ -906,6 +906,12 @@ def extract(item, infilename):
if "stop_phrase" in item:
writestr(outfile, item["stop_phrase"], **kwargs)
wrote = True
if "special_attacks" in item:
special_attacks = item["special_attacks"]
for special_attack in special_attacks:
if "description" in special_attack:
writestr(outfile, special_attack["description"], **kwargs)
wrote = True
if not wrote:
if not warning_supressed(infilename):
print("WARNING: {}: nothing translatable found in item: {}".format(infilename, item))

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