NPC dialog overhaul

Updated Oct 16, 2018

Much like NPC AI, NPC dialog is... uh... bad The various pieces of it are embedded in hard-coded functions in npctalk.cpp, where it's difficult to write and edit.

Luckily we're not the first to encounter this issue, what we want is dialog trees.

Unlike many areas of the game, hand-authoring the dialog is probably insufficient, so we need an editor, luckily we also aren't the first to need this, so there's

There might be a better set of tools available, but this seems like a good framework to get started with.

Faction Camp Improvements

Updated Oct 17, 2018

acidia wrote the first implementation of faction camps, and has left the project.

Other people will need to continue updating and improving faction camps.

Extended Vehicle Tune-Up

Updated Oct 15, 2018

Various issues that need to be resolved to make vehicle support in C:DDA better.

PRs to resolve these issues need to be small and self-contained. No overhauls accepted.

Much of this work is targeted for after the 0.D release.

Mod-to-DDA Induction

Updated Oct 13, 2018

Project dedicated to reviewing and evaluating the various creations in official mods (\data\mods) and unofficial mods that may be appropriate for inclusion into the core experience/game.

Ideally, any official mods that are included wholesale would be designated obsolete in the modinfo.json to avoid duplications, but also to retain the efforts of the original author.

Additionally, this focuses the energy of contributors and CleverRaven developers into generating and fixing core content, rather than redirecting efforts to consistently fix issues that arise in external mods with major changes in core DDA experience.

NPC AI overhaul

Updated Aug 18, 2018

The NPC AI system as it exists is a very ad hoc and messy state machine with no formal interfaces between decision making, information gathering, and actions.

Simply replacing this mess with a formal state machine would be a large improvement, but there's no reason not to take it further and move to a modern data-driven AI system.


Hunting in dda, despite being very central to short-term survival outside of cities, is rather anaemic. Hunting techniques like stalking, baiting, trapping and using blinds are non-existent. Butchering is simplified all the way down to "use a knife to cut the meat out". Butchering yields are extremely low.

This is a set of improvements to make hunting a more interesting aspect of the game.

Inventory System Overhaul

Updated Jun 9, 2018

Overhaul of the inventory system to better replicate storage of items and increased interaction for the player in the placement of items.

Several goals include:

  • Simple system that prioritizes item placement in containers
  • Same system that can be more deeply configured (potentially a container ranking system) and interacted with by the player with simple context and menus (to avoid overly complicating)
  • Items placed in a container stay in that container (to avoid duplications or player confusion)
  • Item labels or flags that show preference towards certain containers (and unlabelled into a more generic storage, such as backpacks)
  • Container volume and item amount should influence storage and retrieval (a small pouch full of different medicines should take longer to find the right one, likewise a large shopping bag

zombie melee improvements

Updated Jun 26, 2018

Several weaknesses have been identified in how melee vs zombies is handled. This project aims to resolve these issues and make melee vs zombies more interesting and full of tradeoffs.

Mapgen and overmapgen improvements

Updated Oct 15, 2018

Main aim of the project is to move most of hardcoded mapgen code out of mapgen.cpp and mapgen_functions.cpp.

We also need to do various smaller things:

  • fix broken overmap connections;
  • fix invalid terrain definitions;
  • move hardcoded mapgen extra to json.

farming improvements

Updated Sep 10, 2018

Basebuilding and sustainability is a much asked for set of features. This project focuses on the sustainability portion. Includes farming, animal husbandry, and features that make these more meaningful.

Increase engagement ranges

Updated Sep 3, 2018

Cdda models some very long-range interactions, such as spotting enemies on open ground, hearing firearm reports and explosions and firing weapons with extremely long effective ranges (i.e. sniper rifles, 1,000ft+ effective range). The current implementation of the game engine imposes a miniscule maximum interaction range of 60meters or so. This project will endeavor to increase this effective range at which the player can interact with enemies and vice versa, while maintaining a reasonable level of challenge for the player.

Translation Issues

Updated Sep 3, 2018

Issues that prevent translators from being able to translate aspects of the game, or prevent the game from displaying translated text properly.

NPC overmap activity

Updated Mar 22, 2017

For NPCs to seem alive, they must be able to act outside the bubble.

Bionic slot system

Updated Mar 19, 2018

In order to have something resembling balance, bionics need to be limited by some sort of slot system. An initial bionic slot system is implemented, but it is not ready to be enabled for the mainline.

Practice makes Perfect

Updated Mar 27, 2018

This is a set of features that would overhaul how non-crafting skill gain is handled, by replacing training against live targets with scripted training activities.

Details outlined in


Updated Sep 3, 2018

Overhaul for zombies moving around at overmap scale. The goal is for zombies moving around on the overmap to be the same as zombies moving around in the reality bubble, just faster since there are a lot more of them.

0.D Release

Updated Oct 15, 2018

Burn down blocker bugs and release 0.D Issues roughly bucketed by difficulty, I plan on tackling the more difficult ones first, so other people will have a chance to tackle the others.