The NodeJS based Modular Backend for CleverStack (but it also works great on its own), MEAN and so much more.

CleverStack Node Seed

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CleverStack Node Seed

CleverStack Node Seed provides you with a cutting edge NodeJS development workflow. It's been designed to provide you with a super fast test driven back-end development lifecycle. Everything you need should be just one command away, if it's not please open an issue or fork and submit a pull request.

Some Highlights

  • NodeJS Async Non-Blocking Core.
  • Modular Coding Structure based on NPM.
  • Grunt powered tasks, including Server with Live Restart using nodemon.
  • Databases supported: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite or MongoDB.
  • Official ORM (Object Relational Mapper) Module provides an enterprise SQL based solution out of the box.
  • Official ODM (Object Document Mapper) Module provides an enterprise NoSQL based solution out of the box.
  • Clustered application with high Concurrency out of the box.
  • NodeJS Background Tasks Module which allows CPU intensive (blocking) operations to take place in separate processes, allowing your HTTP Web Server Processes to continue serving HTTP Requests.
  • Unit & E2E (Integration) Testing with Mocha and Request.


See for more detailed information on the Node seed or visit the Getting Started Guide


Install is made easy using the CleverStack CLI, first install node.js

  1. $ npm install -g cleverstack-cli
  2. $ clever init my-app && $ cd my-app
  3. $ clever serve
  4. Go to: http://localhost:9000. Your express server runs on port 8080 by default.