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clevertap csv download tool
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CleverTap python csv download tool


to download user profiles/events to a csv:

  • git clone the repo (or simply copy-paste the files and, and place them in the same folder)
  • cd to cloned directory (or the directory where you have created the above two files)
  • run passing your CleverTap Account ID, Passcode, absolute path to your json file and the absolute path to your csv file.
  • e.g. python -a WWW-YYY-ZZZZ -c AAA-BBB-CCCC -pjson ~/Desktop/query_example.json -pcsv ~/Desktop/event.csv -t event
  -h, --help                        show this help message and exit
  -a ID, --id ID                    CleverTap Account ID
  -c PASSCODE, --passcode PASSCODE  CleverTap Account Passcode
  -r REGION, --region REGION        Dedicated CleverTap Account Regioni, optional
  -pjson PATH, --path PATH          Absolute path to the json file
  -pcsv PATH, --path PATH           Absolute path to the csv file
  -t TYPE, --type TYPE              The type of query, either profile or event, defaults to profile

NOTE: The .csv file generated will be utf-8 encoded. This file might cause unusual behaviour in Excel application depending on your encoding settings. It can be viewed without any problem on Google Spreadsheets or Numbers application.

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