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Cleveridge Subdomain Scanner


This tool is for ethical testing purpose only.
Cleveridge and its owners can't be held responsible for misuse by users.
Users have to act as permitted by local law rules.

##What is the Cleveridge Subdomain Scanner ? The Cleveridge Subdomain Scanner finds subdomains of a given domain and shows the list on screen and records all results in easy accessible log-files.

On the first run the tool creates a directory '/log' to store all results in.

##What are the requirements ? This tool is tested in a Linux environment with Python 2.7 installed

##How does it work ? In Linux, download the files in to the directory of your choice. BE sure the file is executeble (chmod 0766) and the other files are readable. In Terminal go to directory your files are listed in and run the file. The program will ask the target domain name (eg. and it will ask which subdomain list you want to use. The has 5 lists XS, S, M, L, XL. This are list from 500 up to +114.000 different subdomains.

##Warning When you are using the XL list of +114.000 subdomains, the scan takes a while. For slow domains or when you are working over a VPN it can take more then 1 hour for each domain.
The XS and S-list are much faster. This XS-list contains the most common subdomains but of course the list is not as complete as the full 'XL'-list. This means you can miss some, not so common, subdomains.

##Contact Info Cleveridge - Ethical Hacking Lab
De Brulen 28
2370 Arendonk



The Cleveridge Subdomain Scanner finds subdomains of a given domain.



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