A statically generated wiki website for the Clickteam Community.
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A community Wiki-based website for Clickteam. This repository contains the code and content delivering the wiki, powered by Jekyll.

The wiki aims to:

  • Deliver facts, history and some documentation to Clickteam's products.
  • Collate notable examples and user creations.
  • Archive the growing number of extensions and features.

All contributions come from the community of clickers. If you spot something missing, we'd greatly appreciate your input.

Moved from MediaWiki

Previously, we've been using MediaWiki to host the Wiki as a service. Our instance has been getting a little rusty by being prone to cache issues. It also has the maintainance hurdle with the database, software versions and protecting user information.

We've migrated to become a static site to reduce costs, boost speed, improve security (no more database) and flexibility.


Fork this repository and clone this to your computer, this will allow you to make changes to the wiki and its contents. Once commited and pushed to your fork, you can create a pull request to this repository where one of ClickWiki's team members can review and merge.

To preview the changes on your computer, you'll need to install Jekyll or push to your fork to preview on GitHub Pages.

Our Issue Tracker keeps track of website problems (both cosmetic and functional) as well as content issues.


The data in this repository is under the following licenses:

  • GPLv3 - Website Assets & Code

    • site/
    • _includes/
    • _layouts/
    • _sass/
  • CC-BY-4.0 - Wiki Content

    • Applies to screenshots, text and graphics in the wiki/assets/CC-BY-4.0/ folder.
  • No license or other copyright - Media used under "fair use"

    • This could include logos, graphics or icons produced by Clickteam (e.g. Fusion logo)
    • This could include brands used under branding guildelines (e.g. Windows logo)
    • Usage of such media is similar to Wikipedia's policy