A simple Java Profiler that outputs the performance of your application into CSV files.
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A simple Java Profiler that outputs the performance of your application into CSV files.


How does it work?

In a configuration file, you specify the classes/packages/methods to include/exclude from profiling. When a class is first loaded and the class is marked as profilable, byte code will be injected in the methods of the class.

What does it measure per method?

  1. Number of invocations
  2. The total execution time of the method (via average, variance, min, max, and importance)
  3. The method execution time - this is the total time in the method MINUS the time of any method calls made that are also being profiled. This helps figure out whether a method is slow or whether it's fine, and the method's it calls are the problem. (via average, variance, min, max, and importance)

How is variance calculated?

It's not true variance, it's the average of the difference between the min, max, and average.

How is importance calculated and why is it important?

Importance is "# of invocations" * "average time", this helps you determine which methods should be improved.

What is delay?

Because the JVM will wait until a method is executed X number of times before it tries to improve it's execution speed (with JIT), you can set an invocation delay to avoid tracking statistics for the first X method invocations.

What's the format of the configuration file?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <property name="mode" value="CSV" /> <!-- GUI, CONSOLE -->
    <inclusion pattern="org.magnos.entity.Entity" /> <!-- include class to include methods -->
    <inclusion pattern="org.magnos.entity.Entity#get(Component)" delay="100000" /> <!-- set delay -->
    <inclusion pattern="org.magnos.entity.Entity#set(Component,Object)" delay="9000" />
    <exclusion pattern="org.magnos.entity.EntityCore" /> <!-- is included based on first pattern, but we want' to ignore it -->
    <exclusion pattern="org.magnos.entity.EntityUtility" />

How do I use this?

You add the following VM arguments:


Where theprof.jar is the location of a TheProf build, and theprof.xml is the location of the XML configuration file.

Where do the profiling statistics go?

In the CWD directory of the application, a stats directory will be created which contains a CSV file for each profiled class and a CSV file that has all statistics.


  • Add a live statistics viewing option