tools to work with data from Global Historical Climate Network (GHCN)
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A collection of tools to work with data from Global Historical Climatology Network (GHCN).


As of 2014-07 these have just been split from ClimateCodeFoundation/ccc-gistemp and dumped here. Consequently, many of the tools don't run without having various directories and modules from ccc-gistemp made available to them.

We intend to fix that situation, so that the tools here work standalone, or almost so.

Many of the tools only work with the (now obsolete) GHCN v2, we would like them to work with GHCN-M v3.

Tools that should work draws a (google) chart that shows number of rows of data in each year. It draws charts like this:

plot with bump between 1951 and 1980 splits a GHCN-M dataset into those stations that still report in a particular year, and those that don't. plots station records as an SVG file. This is a real workhorse of CCF investigations. It plots multiple stations from different sources on one chart, can plot anomalies or temperature at monthly or annual resolution, has scalable axes.