A visual representation of some reference document vs. a target document
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ETUDE Viewer

ETUDE Viewer -- a visual representation of some reference document vs. a target document.

Key ETUDE Characteristics:

  • has command-line and GUI flavors
  • converts multiple disparate input formats (e.g., line delimited sentences, inline and offset XML annotations) to a single unified back-end
  • supports configurable extraction options to accommodate new formats
  • ships with configurations for scoring several i2b2 NLP challenges
  • has template configurations for common XML system outputs (e.g., UIMA CAS XMI)
  • offers drag-and-drop creation of evaluation configuration files (i.e., specification of annotation categories and attributes to match and compare)
  • allows file and annotation filtering fast prototyping
  • automagically matches file names between folders
  • supports three grades of overlap matching: exact, partial, and fully-contained
  • generates type frequency counts, a confusion matrix, or evaluation metrics (e.g., true positives, false positives, recall)
  • prints results to screen, file, or both
  • shows side-by-side reference and system annotations in the original document context with easy exploration of matches and errors

Download & Run

Click this link to download a zip file containing the executable.

To run the application, unzip the file and double-click the file named EtudeViewer.jar.