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Sequencing and Scout delivery

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Sequencing and analysis

Order of library preparation, sequencing and Scout analysis of samples.

Filling out the web form

Select the Sequencing + MIP analysis, Sequencing + BALSAMIC analysis, or Sequencing + MIP and BALSAMIC analysis option in the Type dropdown menu. Fill in a name for the order, select the correct customer and add an optional comment for the order. Press the save button.

Press the add family button and fill in the information as prompted. If your gene panel is missing from the selectable list, please contact us.

Add sample/samples to your family

Please note that mother and father can't be chosen before these samples have been added to the family. As a mother only a female sample can be chosen and as father only a male sample can be chosen.

Add more families/samples or SUBMIT the order.

Using an orderform

Orderforms. Download and use the file named Order form.

Submit your orderform using the upload orderform field. Information on how to fill in the orderform can be found in the information tab in the orderform.

If information is missing in the orderform this must be filled in using the web form. Just correct the issued and save the sample/samples.

Adding new samples to an existing family

For example to add parents (or another family member) to an already sequenced sample. Important! The existing family-id must be used. Type in your family-id in the family name field and select the family from Existing families dropdown.

This adds the already existing sample to the order. Add the new samples to the family. Then edit the mother/father fields for the index-patient to create the pedigree-structure.

Using an orderform

If adding parents using an orderform, add the new samples in the orderform, DO NOT add any relation information in the orderform. Upload the orderform in the orderportal. Find the family in the order portal and select Add sample. Fill in the child name and select the sample from the Existing samples drop down menu. Edit the mother and father field and save the family.