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This repository contains the PBPK models published by the Clinical Pharmacy Saarland University working group. It is intended to provide the model files in their published state, meaning that all parameters should be true to the values reported in the respective publication or their Supplementary Materials.


The models presented in this repository may not always be compatible with the current version of the Open Systems Pharmacology Suite due to software changes. However, the models are compatible with the Version reported in the respective publication. Older releases of the Open Systems Pharmacology Suite can be found in the OSP repository under "releases".


To access all models presented in this repo, you might need to have the git CLI installed. To recursively clone this repo and all models (submodules) run the following line in your git CLI:

git clone --recurse-submodules


The models published by the Clinical Pharmacy Saarland University working group are listed below.

Model OSPSuite Version Author, Year doi
Atomoxetine v10 (published) Rüdesheim et al. 2022
Bupropion v9.1 (published) Marok et al. 2021
Carbamazepine v9.1 (published) Fuhr et al. 2021
Clopidogrel v9.1 (published) Loer et al. 2022
Dextromethorphan v9.1 (published) Rüdesheim et al. 2022
E-clomiphene v11.2 (published) Kovar et al. 2022
Felodipine v9.1 (published) Fuhr et al. 2022
Ketoconazole v11.0 (published) Marok et al. 2023
Metoprolol v9.1 (published) Rüdesheim et al. 2020
Paroxetine v10 (published) Rüdesheim et al. 2022
Quinidine v11.0 (published) Feick et al. 2023 doi/10.1002/psp4.12981
Risperidone v10 (published) Rüdesheim et al. 2022
Simvastatin v8.0 (published) Wojtyniak et al. 2021
Tacrolimus v10 (published) Loer et al. 2023
Verapamil-Norverapamil v8.1 (published) Hanke et al. 2020


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