This is myevic Custom Firmware.
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I've kept some english references/titles due to UI language on firmware itself.

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This is myevic Custom Firmware.

Based on:

Original VTC Mini 3.03 firmware

Main Features:

The look-and-feel of the myevic firmware is more-or-less identical to the original firmware, so you shouldn't be lost.
Many new features and options are made available through the menu system; I strongly encourage you to fully read the present documentation.

Documentation Index

1. Usage and compatibility

2. Behaviour Changes

3. How to build

4. Profiles

5. Menus

5a. Main Screen

5b. Screen Menu

5c. Coil Menu

5d. Vaping Menu

5e. Clock Menu

5f. Interface Menu

5d. Expert Menu

Thanks to:

* ReservedField
* Bane
* TBXin
* maelstrom2001
* Daveee10
* Eugene San
* MarkyAD
* bluenazgul
* Sharky1980
* gdb

And many others, supporting this project and taking the time to open or help solving issues.