Racing game for Oculus Rift
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VR Oculus Rift Game

The game need an initial calibration, to detect the maximum and minimum position a player can move it's head.

Press X to reset the calibration. Press R to reset Oculus Rift orientation. Press SPACE to start when the line is over the green line. At game-over, SPACE to restart. Look on the left to check your highscore.

Can be played seated, but i recommend to play it stand up, with hands on desk.

Topic on Oculus Forum:

Maded with Unity 5.3 and Oculus SDK 0.8

The game is released as open-source, under public domain. Sources are available in the topic forum.

Music by Imphenzia: I used the watermarked version to allow me to release the entire project out-of-the-box under open-source.