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knife-clodo is a knife plugin for Clodo.Ru API.

It uses fog library to interact with API.

Starting from fog-1.1.2, fog's provider for clodo presented
in upstream Git, so installation and setup is as simple as 
running "gem install knife-clodo" from command line, and
adding next lines in your knife's configuration file:

knife[:clodo_username]		=	''     # Your email used to authorise in billing.
knife[:clodo_api_key]		=	'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX' # Your API key
knife[:clodo_api_auth_url]	=	''             # Domain name of API server.

Next type in command line:

knife clodo server
(to list available commands)

knife clodo server list
(To list your virtual servers)

knife clodo server start --server=10474
(where 10474 is an ID of virtual server to start)

knife clodo server start --all
(that will request to start all of the servers that is not in 
"is_running" or "is_request" state)

knife clodo server create -d debian6apt -r "recipe[vds-performance-tests]" --server-disk=5 --server-memory=256 --server-memory-max=512 -I 541
-d debian6apt - is a bootstrap template to setup newly installed server for your current chef environment
At now only Debian 6 with chef's (0.10) installation with apt-get supported

-r "recipe[vds-performance-tests]" - is runlist, that in this example includes default recipe from "vds-performance-tests" cookbook

--server-disk=5 - disk size of 5 gigabytes for newly created server (default is 10Gb)

--server-memory=256 - low limit of memory scaling in megabytes

--server-memory-max=512 - high limit of memory scaling in megabytes

-I 541 - OS image to install (Debian 6 amd64) (OS images list will be added to knife-clodo in next version)

--server-type here is in it's default value (scale). You can also set it to static.