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Web application to manage networks made TincVPN
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#GeTINConf Server

A compilation of some software to start developing in CakePHP environment, with:

CakePHP 2.3.0 - framework for developing

Bootstrap - front-end framework

Bootswatch - Free Themes Gallery.

TwitterBootstrap - CakePHP Helpers and for few changes.

DebugKit - Official CakePHP's Plugin to Debug.


If you want to GeTinConf (WebApp) make a DEB packages, you need to install some packages:

apt-get install build-essential git dh-make pdebuild-cross


In a webserver path:

# Clone Repository
git clone <myapp>
cd <myapp>
cd app
# Create database
cp DataBase/getinconf.empty.db DataBase/getinconf.db
# Rename config database file
mv Config/database.php.default Config/database.php
# Change 'Security.salt' and 'Security.cipherSeed' in file <myapp>/app/Config/core.php:
cd Config
sed -i -r "s/YmU1ZDUyMmQyNTg1NjM5ODg3ZDI5MDEyMzJhNTE4/`date +%s | md5sum | base64 | head -c 40`/" core.php
sed -i -r "s/b6823eb774c58c3954abf52209640/`date +%s | md5sum | head -c 29`/" core.php
cd ..
cd ..
chown -R www-data:www-data <myapp>


If WebApp make a DEB packages:

mkdir -p <myapp>/app/Exec/
cd <myapp>/app/Exec
git clone
cd ..
chown www-data:www-data Exec 


Make an user admin.


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