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use strict;
use warnings;
use ActiveState::Run qw(run);
use LWP::Simple qw(mirror);
use JSON qw(decode_json);
use version;
# Fetch Bugzilla source code
my $LATEST = "";
my $tarball = "bugzilla.tar.gz";
mirror($LATEST, $tarball);
die unless -f $tarball;
# Extract Bugzilla sources into bugzilla/ directory
run("tar xfz $tarball");
my ($tardir) = grep -d, <bugzilla-*>;
die unless $tardir;
my $bugzilla_dir = "bugzilla";
run("rm -rf $bugzilla_dir");
run("mv $tardir $bugzilla_dir");
# Configure Bugzilla from inside the app directory
print "cd $bugzilla_dir\n";
# Apply fix for
my $PATCH = "";
my $diff_file = "7644.diff";
mirror($PATCH, $diff_file);
die unless -f $diff_file;
run("patch -p0 < $diff_file");
unlink $diff_file;
# Apply a slightly modified patch to make Bugzilla work with PSGI
# Bug 316665 - Make Bugzilla work with FastCGI
run("patch -p1 < ../psgi.patch");
# Just to have the diagnostic output in the staging log
run("$^X ./ --check-modules");
# Locate credentials for the "mysql-bugzilla" service
die "No services configured" unless defined $ENV{VCAP_SERVICES};
my $services = decode_json($ENV{VCAP_SERVICES});
die "No MySQL service configured" unless $services->{"mysql-5.1"};
my($mysql) = grep $_->{name} eq "mysql-bugzilla", @{$services->{"mysql-5.1"}};
my %cred = %{$mysql->{credentials}};
# Create an "answer" file for to configure MySQL
# and to setup the initial administrator account.
our %answer;
do '../';
%answer = (
NO_PAUSE => 1,
db_driver => 'mysql',
db_host => $cred{host},
db_name => $cred{name},
db_pass => $cred{password},
db_port => $cred{port},
db_user => $cred{user},
webservergroup => 'stackato',
mail_delivery_method => 'SMTP',
# Make sure urlbase ends with a slash
$answer{urlbase} =~ s,(.*[^/])$,$1/,;
my $answer = "checksetup.answer";
open my $fh, ">", $answer or die "Can't write '$answer': $!";
print $fh qq(\$answer{$_} = "\Q$answer{$_}\E";\n) for sort keys %answer;
close $fh;
# First run of will update localconfig file.
# Second run will actually configure the database and
# create the admin user.
run("$^X ./ $answer") for 1..2;