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jandubois List 'Plack' in requirements.txt
Previously only modules from the Plack package were listed
(redundantly), and only the first of them (Plack::Builder) was
actually known to the PPM index.  As long as Stackato installed all
dependencies in the order they are listed in requirements.txt this
works fine, because the PPM client then notices that
Plack::App::URLMap and Plack::App::WrapCGI were already installed by
the Plack::Builder dependency.

In Stackato 0.7 and later PPM will evaluate all requirements in
parallel, so the fact that P::A::URLMap and P::A::WrapCGI are not
included in the PPM database throws an error.

See also: http://bugs.activestate.com/show_bug.cgi?id=92110


Bugzilla Demo

This demo creates a Bugzilla application on Stackato.

It is based on Bugzilla-4.0.2 and includes additional patches as well as experimental changes to make it PSGI compatible.

Only the required modules are included in this demo; optional functionality is not installed. Since Stackato doesn't yet support cron jobs, none of the scheduled tasks are configured either.

Configuring Bugzilla

Bugzilla can be configured by updating the myconfig.pl file before pushing the application to Stackato. Once the MySQL database has been created on the Stackato cloud, the myconfig.pl file should no longer be modified. Instead all further customization should happen via the Bugzilla web interface.

Deploying Bugzilla

Verify the settings in stackato.yml and myconfig.pl and then publish by running:

$ stackato push -n