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Official Command Line utility to use EvalAI in your terminal.

EvalAI-CLI is designed to extend the functionality of the EvalAI web application to command line to make the platform more accessible and terminal-friendly to its users.

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EvalAI-CLI and its required dependencies can be installed using pip:

pip install evalai

Once EvalAI-CLI is installed, check out the usage documentation.

Contributing Guidelines

If you are interested in contributing to EvalAI-CLI, follow our contribution guidelines.

Development Setup

  1. Setup the development environment for EvalAI and make sure that it is running perfectly.

  2. Clone the evalai-cli repository to your machine via git

    git clone evalai-cli
  3. Create a virtual environment

    cd evalai-cli
    virtualenv -p python3 venv
    source venv/bin/activate
  4. Install the package locally

    pip install -e .
  5. Change the evalai-cli host to make request to local EvalAI server running on http://localhost:8000 by running:

    evalai host -sh http://localhost:8000
  6. Login to cli using the command evalai login Two users will be created by default which are listed below -

    Host User - username: host, password: password
    Participant User - username: participant, password: password